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Kallbygden is a true mountain paradise all year round with magnificent hiking areas, hundreds of km of snowmobile tracks and hiking trails, as well as incredible views. Sauna and bathing facilities both indoors and outdoors in winter and summer. Good food and cozy accommodation give you the opportunity to enjoy your holiday or conference trip with all your senses! Visit Kallbygden helps you find your future favourite places.


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visit kallbygden

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  • The area in Kallbygden is as large as the landscape of Blekinge or the country of Monaco.
  • The lake Kallsjön is 156 km2 in size, the county’s 3rd largest lake.
  • In the northern part of the village are the nature-protected Skäckerfjällen, (46,700 ha).
  • Kallbygden consists of a number of villages north west of Åre Municipality’s central town Järpen.
  • The area is a wonderful mix of mountains, lakes, cultivated land and untouched wilderness.
magasinet bonäshamn


  • Kallsjön around is about 120 km
  • Järpen – Bonäshamn approx. 10 km
  • Järpen – Kall approx. 23 km
  • Åre – Huså approx. 28 km
  • Huså – Kall, via Bonäshamn approx. 30 km
  • Huså – Kall, via Kallsedet approx. 86 km
  • Kall – Kallsedet approx. 46 km
  • Kallsedet – Huså, via Sundet approx. 40 km
  • Norska Gränsen – Kallsedet approx. 45 km
  • Kallsedet – Kolåsen approx. 10 km
  • Björkede – Kallsedet approx. 49 km
  • Åkroken – Kallsedet approx. 35 km
  • Kall – Östersund approx. 95 km

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Find your way in Kallbygden

Here we try to list popular destinations so that it will be easier for you as a visitor to find them. Click on the name in the yellow box and the current location will be displayed on the map. Then click on the “pin” for more information.

    Hotell Kallgården
    Huså Herrgård
    Huså Åreskutans Fjällridning
    ICA Nära Kall
    Kallsedets Fjällcenter
    Kolåsens Fjällhotell
    Gruvstugan Huså
    Vassnäs Bygdegård
    Fjällkonditoriet Kallrör

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